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What is the orange circle around a profile picture? What does "members online" mean?

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2013 11:05AM CDT

Now when you log into the Volerro Dashboard, or any Volerro Project, you’ll instantly know which of your team members is online. 

Within the header, online team members are shown with an orange circle around their profile pictures. You can also see the total number of users online. 

In the Dashboard view, we show you all of your team members (from any project) who are online.
In the Project View, we show you which members of that project team are online.

Once you know which of your team members are online, you may engage them in Chat or an online meeting/screen sharing. 

Chat, Multi-person Chat & Multi-Session Chat

Chat with a single team mate:
Start a chat with a team member by clicking on any member with an orange circle around their profile picture. Tool tips indicate the members’ name. Clicking starts a one-on-one chat session. Just type and hit enter (or hit the send button). You can hide chat (to focus on another chat session) or leave the chat by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Chat with multiple people or a team:
If you want to start a multi-person chat, simply click on the “view members” link. Then, select the members (from the list) you want to chat with and click the chat button. Now you are chatting instantly with multiple persons or a team.

Multiple Chat Sessions:
You can have multiple chat sessions open at the same time. Volerro shows you all of your open chat sessions at the bottom right of the screen. You can switch between chat sessions by clicking on the session selector at the bottom of the chat widget. 

Screen Sharing/Online Meeting

If you want to hold a meeting with your extended team and you want them to see what you see (on your screen) as you drive the meeting, you can start a screen sharing session using our integration with

In order to use this integration, you must first have a account (free). Your account must use the same email address associated with your Volerro account in order for you to have screen sharing/online meeting ability within Volerro. Once your account is established, just enter your password to the respective field with your User Profile ( "My Profile" ) area within Volerro. Once completed, you will have visibility to the option within Volerro. 

To start a meeting, click on the “members online” link from the team area in the project or dashboard. Then select the team members you want in your meeting and click the button. Once you click the join me button, those selected team members will receive a meeting invitation. All they need to do is click the “Join Meeting” link and they're in the meeting. There is no software for them to load, or firewall concerns to worry about. 

Now you don’t need to leave Volerro to facilitate a virtual meeting!

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