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Tasks and Milestones

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2013 02:05PM CDT

Task Management

A task is a Note/Card with:

  • an assigned list of users (optional)

  • a due date (optional)

  • the ability to mark/unmark Complete

Tasks can be added from the "+ (yellow square icon)" at the bottom of a board OR from a comment or annotation made on a piece of content.

Assigning Tasks and Due Dates

To assign a task, just enter the name(s) of the person you wish to assign the task to.

To assign task due dates, just enter the due date by selecting the date from the calendar functionality. 

Any member of a board can assign tasks, but tasks may only be assigned to members of the board. Not members outside the board (other members of that project).  

Multiple tasks may be assigned on a single piece of content, and may be assigned to multiple people.

Any member of the board the task resides on may edit or delete a task. 

Make Task

Any comment/annotation on a piece of content can be instantly made into a task by selecting the "Make Task" option. Once clicking this option, you can then assign it to a team member and assign a due date.

Once complete and saved, a yellow bar will appear under that comment/annotation indicating it is a task, with a checkbox field to mark it as complete, the due date, the person it is assigned to, and the board name it resides on.

You can also "Make Task" of a comment/annotation you haven't created (authored).


Task Status and Moving Tasks

Any member of the board the task resides on can mark a task complete. 

Tasks can be moved by dragging and dropping the Note/Card or Content containing the task to another board.  


Visual Indicators inside a Note/Card

The three vertical dots "next to a Note/Card indicates a task is Pending.

The checkmark " next to a Note/Card indicates a task is complete.

The time stamp with a clock underneath the Note/Card title " " communicates the due date of the task.

The arrow pointing to a person's name " "  on a piece of content within a board tells you this content contains a task, and displays the name of the person the task is assigned to. If the task is assigned to more than one person, the arrow will point to sets of initials for those persons.


Project Views

What is the " " icon next to the Calendar icon in a project view? 
This is the Kanban view of your project, which is essentially, the board view. 

What is the " " icon next to the Kanban and Calendar icons on the Dashboard?
This is the Task view of your project, which lists all tasks within the project, grouped by board (the default view).

From here, you have several options to View and Sort the tasks. You can apply several views/sorts at once, for example, you may choose to view all tasks Grouped, and by Assignment, and by Descending. See View/Sort options below:

View by:  Grouped (by board/milestone)
View by:  Ungrouped (a laundry list of all tasks not grouped by board/milestone)

Sort by:  Order (this is the order you last defined within the board/Kanban viiltew)
Sort by:  Due Date
Sort by:  Assignment (this groups tasks assigned together, by assignee)

Sort by:  Ascending
Sort by:  Descending

What is the calendar "" icon next to the Grid and Table views on the Dashboard?
The Calendar view shows you a calendar populated with all tasks you have visibility to, based on the project filter selection to the right. Therefore, if the filter is set to "Active", you will see all tasks in active projects you are a member of. The calendar view comes with a month navigator and a "today" button to help you quickly jump around the calendar. 


Other Indicators and Buttons

What is the "" icon?
This is the drag and drop icon. When this icon is active (not grayed out), it indicates you may drag and drop tasks to different positions.

What is the "" button?

The Filter button offers you a number of options for filtering the data you see inside a project, whether you are in the Kanban view, Calendar view or Task view. You can filter by user, assignee, due date window, or past due. See below:

What is the "" button?

The Fields button is present while in the Task or Calendar view. The Fields button allows you to hide or show certain Task/Milestone attributes. See below:



A Milestone is a board with a due date (optional).

A Milestone can be set via a board's dropdown menu. Select the "Edit" option. You will be presented with a calendar function with a date and time selector. Just input the due date and select Save (or Remove). 

If a milestone has been set on a board, a date will appear next to the board's dropdown menu arrow " ", as well as a clock icon, indicating there is a time associated as well. 


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