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Last Updated: Oct 08, 2013 08:44AM CDT


We start with the Dashboard and select the Project of interest.

In this case, we’ve created an example project called (coincidentally) Task Management. You’ll notice that our project view looks pretty much the same but if you look closely you’ll see some new details.
Let’s look at the “done” board. You’ll notice a date in the upper right corner.

This is the new Milestone feature. Now your team can easily set target dates (or Milestones) for important project steps. If you want to set a milestone on a board, it’s easy, just “edit” the board and you’ll find the new Milestone date entry field shown below:

The Milestone feature is a quick way to keep all team members aware of target dates. It’s great for sprints and almost any other project methodology.

Task Management

Now let’s take a look at the new task management features. The image below shows this new feature at a glance:

Current Volerro users will see that we’ve simply extended our “Card” functionality to create a “Task”. Cards are still easy to add to a board by simply clicking the card icon at the bottom of the board. But now a Card can become a Task by assigning 1 or more responsible team mates and adding an optional due date. In the above image, we display a number of different tasks in various configurations.

You’ll see how we display:
  • Tasks assigned to more than one person 
  • Tasks that are pending
  • Tasks that are completed
  • Tasks with a due date
  • Tasks that have been created by a document annotation or comment

We’ve made it super simple to assign a task, set due dates and mark completion right from within any card; as you can see below:

It’s also easy to convert any document comment or annotation into a task. Just click the new “Make Task” option in the annotation (shown below):

The create task dialogue will appear:

Just assign the task, set an optional due date and you’re done – the task shows up right next to the comment or annotation (see below). This option is perfect for teams working on revising complex content from PowerPoint to full motion video.

Calendar View

While we think our “boards” are an incredibly easy way to view tasks and content at every project stage. However, we thought it would be helpful to view a project according to the due dates for each task. There’s no better way to do that than with a calendar view – so we thought we’d add it!

Take a look either in the Project View or on The Dashboard and you’ll see this new calendar view selector:

The calendar view is a great way to see all of your tasks at a glance:

Each Task, along with its color code and completion status is shown on by due date. If you want edit the task, simply click on it and the task editor will drop in. If you want to move the task – simply drag it to the appropriate date. 

The calendar view also comes with a month navigator and a “today” button to help you quickly jump around the calendar. Take a look at next month, and you’ll see pending tasks and our “Done” milestone in black and white.

Users can use the view selector in the upper right corner to switch between traditional “board view” of a project and the new “calendar” view.

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