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What is the + (yellow paper square) at the bottom of each board?

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2013 01:08PM CDT
The yellow paper square at the bottom of each board, is simply a note/card. Create and use notes/cards in the way you would a Post-IT™. Notes/Cards can be created, edited, moved or deleted.

We’ve expanded our Note/Card functionality to include:

A Title Field and a Description Field (optional). This offers users the flexibility to use Notes/Cards as a single-purpose communication (i.e. a stickie or Post-IT™), OR as a multi-layer communication (i.e. a grouping of text, files), inclusive of a Title/Subject, Description, and once created and saved, the ability to add Comments and Attachments to that note/card in the form of documents, images, URLs or other files.

Attachments added to a Note/Card can be viewed within a Board, and moved via Drag and Drop to another board; as well as the Notes/Cards themselves can be moved.

A Note/Card’s icon color defaults to yellow, but may be assigned a different color within Create/Edit mode. Note/Card colors are shorthand to communicate note types and categories. 

The content of a Note/Card can be edited at any time simply by clicking on it. The bottom of the note/card provides you with the author’s name, and date and time created. 

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