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Volerro Quick Start Guide

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2013 01:02PM CDT

Step 1: Sign In
The first step in using Volerro is signing in. Visit  and click the "sign in" button on the top right. Once you've clicked this, it will take you to the sign in form. Complete the form using your email address and password (if you were invited to Volerro as a team member or client to review, please use the email address the invite was sent to, create a password of your choice, and add your first and last name). Once you've entered your information, click "Sign In" to start using Volerro.

Step 2: Create a New Project
Now that you’ve signed into Volerro, it’s time to create your first project. A project is used to share, refine and collaborate on content with your team.  To add a new project, just click “ADD PROJECT” on the dashboard. Volerro will ask you to name the project and select an optional graphic to represent the project on the dashboard. Then, Volerro will take you through Step 3 and Step 4 below.

Step 3: Add Project Boards
Simply add boards by providing a name for each board in the order you’d like them to be arranged. Volerro’s unique “board” concept (learn more about boards here) allows you to organize content to match your specific workflow or organization needs. Adding boards to a project allows you to organize content according to each step in your process. Boards can also be used to organize content by type, or separate content by team member. You can add boards to the project at any time.

Step 4: Add Team Members
To add team members, simply add each team members work email to the list. The dialog allows 3 team members by default, if you need to add more members, just click “ADD TEAM MEMBER” at the bottom of the dialog.

Step 5: Collaborate on Content
Now it’s time to start adding content and collaborating with team members. Volerro is the perfect platform to share, refine and distribute.

Content –
Adding content (office documents, PDFs, PSDs, images, webpages (via url), video, and soon audio) to Volerro can be done by drag and drop, or by uploading from the file system.  Each board in a project has a “drop zone” near the top. Dragging content into the drop zone will upload the content into the associated board. Clicking on the drop zone will engage the file system browser and allow you to select a file(s) to upload. If you’d like to upload multiple files, simply select all of the files you’d like to upload and drag them into the drop zone.

Comments and Annotations –
Double click any document to view, comment and annotate the document in full screen mode. Our full screen mode allows team members to view and collaborate on content using only a web browser. When in full screen mode, users can add comments to any content page and read comments from others. Team members can annotate documents by clicking on the content in the area of interest and adding text. Annotation marks the document and adds the user’s comment about that specific area. Comments and Annotations allow team members to share and revise content collaboratively and in real-time.

Revisions and Versions –
When viewing content in full screen mode, you can revise the document by uploading a new version. Simply click “REPLACE” to upload a new version. All content history, revision information and past versions are available in the “details panel” that slides up from the bottom of the full screen viewer.

Tags and Searching –
Content can be “tagged” to aid future search and discovery activities. First, double-click on the content to open the full-screen viewer. Then, click the “^” at the bottom of the screen to open the “details panel”. In the “details panel” you can view and add tags that aid in locating the file via search. Tags are a very flexible way to categorize content the way you like.

Notes – Notes are a great way to add free-form content (thoughts, ideas, to-do’s, etc.) to a board. Notes can be used as place holders for content yet to be created or to facilitate an incredibly flexible task management system. Click on the "note" icon at the bottom of the board, type your content into the dialog and select the note color. Note colors are shorthand to communicate note types and categories.

Messages –
Message can be used to communicate directly with other team members within Volerro.  Click “MESSAGES” and open your message stream. Click in the new message entry to enter your message and add team members. You can also send messages to a project. Just type the project name in the “to” field, and the message will in turn be sent to all members of that project. A new message indicator above “MESSAGES” lets you know how many new messages are waiting for your review.

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