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Volerro Board Methodology

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2013 01:04PM CDT

Volerro’s “Boards” are a generalized implementation of the emerging Kanban approach. Kanban boards are one of the most popular tools for boosting productivity, and are gaining enormous popularity in large and small companies across the globe. The reason for this is quite simple. None of the existing task and project management methods are so easy to use and efficient at the same time as the Kanban method. Kanban boards can support many project methodologies including Agile, Lean, Scrum and many others.

Volerro’s “Boards” can be used just like folders in a file system – and they can also be a powerful project management tool that supports a variety of methodologies and nearly any workflow model.

Most projects can be viewed as a process - a series of steps or tasks that achieve some desired result.  A board represents a step or stage of your project, and holds all content relevant to that particular stage. 

Think of boards as generic, versatile buckets or file folders of all types of content – PDFs, PSDs, Office docs, images, video and audio. Boards can be used to manage units of work and track progress, categorize content, or just organize and help the way your team, both internal and external, works together.

And, they accommodate the way your team already works together -- you create and name them to map to your current process. How you name the boards determines how you wish to use them – as places for sharing and distributing content? As framework for getting a team project completed?  As a means to manage workflow and collaborate on content?  They are completely customizable and flexible.

Other content categories may be by asset type (for example document, video, audio, images); or by responsible team member; or by time window (for example today, this week, this month). Create boards to map to how you currently get things done – and to organize your work easily and intuitively. 

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