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Last Updated: Apr 23, 2013 12:49PM CDT

Annotation is a means to provide and gather collaborative feedback on a piece of content. Click on a file within a board to open it and view full screen. Once open, the file will automatically be in Annotation mode. Just point and click on any area of the file and the Annotation dialogue will appear in the exact location you wish to address. Simply fill in the dialogue and click Save.

In addition to the "push-pin" annotation, you may also draw a red box around an area of the image you wish to annotate. Just click on the image and drag your cursor to draw a red box around the element you wish to comment on. Once framed, the annotation dialogue will appear for you to insert your comment. Once completed and saved, you will see the "push-pin" and red box on the file. 

Once completed, all Annotations made within the file can be viewed via the Comments pane to the right of the screen. Simply open the Comments pane by clicking on the small green arrow in the vertical black bar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Hovering over the annotation “push-pins” on the file will highlight the respective contributor’s name and feedback within the comments pane on the right. They may be replied to, or removed.

If a file has multiple pages, the page numbers will be noted at the top left of the file in full-screen view. If annotations have been made, they are denoted by a small green bar at the bottom of the respective page number.

If you wish to view the file only without the annotation “push-pins”, simply turn off at the top. 


The annotation feature can be used similarly to provide and gather feedback on a video file. Just click on the video at the point you wish to make a comment. Once saved, a vertical green bar will appear on the video’s timeline. Hovering over the vertical bars will highlight the respective contributor  in the comments pane.  Playing the video will highlight the annotations on screen, at the point they were made.

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