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Boards and Locked Boards

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2013 12:47PM CDT

Most projects can be viewed as a process - a series of steps or tasks that achieve some desired result.  A board represents a step or stage of your project, and holds all content relevant to that particular stage. 

Think of boards as generic, versatile buckets or file folders of all types of content – PDFs, Office docs, PSDs, images, video and audio. Boards can be used to manage units of work and track progress, categorize content, or just organize and help the way your team, both internal and external, works together.

And, they accommodate the way your team already works together -- you create and name them to map to your current process. How you name the boards determines how you wish to use them – as places for sharing and distributing content? As framework for getting a team project completed?  As means to manage workflow and collaborate on content?  They are completely customizable and flexible.

For example, you may be a creative agency working with a client. Boards might be named to mimic the steps of your creative process, such as: Concepts, Design & Layout, Copy, Images & Photos, For Approval, Final.

Or, you might be a brand or retail marketing team working on new packaging that requires cross-functional contributors. Boards might be named: Creative, Copy, R&D, Legal, Manufacturing, Engineering, Production.

Or, it may be as simple as: To Do, Doing, Done.

Other categories may be by asset type, for example document, video, audio, images; or by responsible team member; or by time window, for example today, this week, this month. Create boards to map to how you currently get things done – and to organize your work easily and intuitively.

Once inside a Project, you can view all boards, and all content within each board. Simply scroll to access additional boards. A board’s content can be viewed in Card format, Post format, or Table format.

Locked Boards
Boards can be “locked” by the board’s owner via the Board’s dropdown menu. A “locked” board means that only the board owner can add, replace, delete or move content.  A “locked” state also means the ability to comment or annotate content within the board is disabled. Once a board is “locked”, only the board owner can unlock it.

Boards can also be locked to ensure content within it can no longer be edited. Think of content in its final, approved state, ready to be published or distributed to the appropriate audiences, either by downloading the content or porting it out via an RSS feed. 

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