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Sub-teams within a Project

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2013 12:50PM CDT

Instantly break into sub-teams to focus on your priorities, keep content private, and be more effective. Do so by adding a new board with select visibility to specific project team members.

Boards have default visibility by all members of that project, but if you wish to limit or specify who has visibility, it can be done via the Board’s dropdown menu.  Existing project members or members outside the project can be invited to the board for visibility and collaboration around its content.  

This ability to create sub-teams allows you to focus on what you need to accomplish with the appropriate individuals, while the rest of the project team at large isn’t interrupted.

The project owner, noted at the bottom of the project, and all invited members to that project have the ability to create boards, unless the project is marked “Private.”  If a new board is created by a project team member, the project owner would only see its content if he/she were invited to the board as a member. Only those invited to a board have visibility to its content. 

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